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Who can foster?

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All kinds of children need foster families. And we need all kinds of people to foster in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Am I eligible to foster?

We do not discriminate on the grounds of class, race, culture, sexual orientation or disability. There is no upper age limit and we welcome fostering enquiries from single people as well as couples. All we ask is that you are:

  • Live in Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and bordering counties
  • Usually aged over 25 and mature enough to meet the demands of parenthood
  • Able to offer a secure home with a spare room for one or more children. You do not have to own your own home

Is fostering right for me?

If you are considering fostering, does this sound like you?

  • I enjoy having children around
  • I can get onto a child’s level and understand how they see the world
  • I have experience of looking after children – my own or other people’s
  • I am honest with myself and others
  • I have a sense of humour
  • I am an optimist at heart
  • I am patient and a good listener
  • I’m not perfect
  • When I get things wrong I’m not afraid to admit it and try to put things right
  • When things don’t go to plan I can bounce back
  • I can ask for advice when I need it and I can accept advice
  • I can stand back and think things through rather than always rushing in
  • I can work as part of a team with all the other people involved in a foster child’s life
  • My home is clean and comfortable. If I rent it, I have a secure tenancy that will allow me to foster
  • I have enough flexibility in my life for the demands a child will make of my time – particularly a younger child
  • I have a spare room which can be made pleasant for a child or young person. Bedrooms should usually be on the same floor as the carer’s bedroom. In some cases, young children can share with your own children. Babies can share your room
  • I have a good network of people around to help me
  • I am in reasonably good health. Disabilities or minor health problems will NOT rule you out. Our medical advisor will consider all the factors and make recommendations on your suitability
  • I understand that, if anyone in my household is a smoker, I will not be able to foster a child aged under five or most disabled children of any age. If I have previously smoked, I need to have given up for at least 12 months
  • Everyone else I live with is as keen to become a foster family as I am
  • I am prepared to be open with the fostering team about all aspects of my past and current life and I understand that thorough checks will have to be made about me and everyone who lives in my house

What do I do next?

Find out about the different types of fostering

We will discuss with you which of our fostering schemes would best fit into your life

Have any questions?

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