Adult social care strategies

We develop long-term plans (strategies) to work from so that we can deliver the best possible adult social care services for Leicester residents.

Further information

We have developed a range of documents that explain our plans for the future. These documents set out what we are doing to make sure that our adult social care services meet people’s needs for care and support. We also produce a document called the ‘local account’ each year that shows how we have performed for the previous year. The documents are listed below, along with a brief a description of what they are about.

All documents below are available as PDFs.

General strategic documents

  • Adult Social Care Market Position Statement 2018-2020
    • Information for providers (organisations that may wish to provide adult social care services in future). Sets out our priorities, information about current and future needs, and plans for future commissioning.

Specific strategic documents

  • Joint Mental Health Commissioning Strategy 2015-2019
    • Produced jointly with Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Sets out information about the needs of people with mental health problems and plans for commissioning services to meet those needs.