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Getting out and about

Choose the best way for you to get around safely and comfortably.


Keep safe logo
Keep safe card and places
The card has space to write down important information about yourself, details about medicines, difficulties you have, how you like to communicate and emergency numbers. Make yourself aware of Keep Safe Places around Leicester.
lady travelling on a bus
Using the bus
Leicester has lots of bus routes to help you get around.
bus pass template
Are you eligible for a bus pass?
If you have a disability, you may be able to apply for a free bus pass to help you get around.
young man on a bicycle
Cycling is great way to get around a busy city. It's healthy, environmentally friendly, and affordable.
lady walking
Get healthier and more active by walking
changing places toilet
Changing Places toilets
Changing places provide accessible changing facilities for people with disabilities, so that they can enjoy day to day activities many of us take for granted.
elderly lady reporting an incident to Police
Reporting hate crime
Hate crime can range from verbal abuse, graffiti or nuisance calls through to assault or worse. If you're a victim of hate crime, or know someone being targeted, you should report it.