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Use your voice to make changes

Use your voice to help shape our care. Find individual and group advocacy services.

Have your say

Advocacy is when someone supports you to speak up, or speaks on your behalf, to help you get the support you are entitled to.

The We Think group is a group advocacy service that supports people with learning disabilities to come together to talk about issues, services and policies that affect them. This group helps people with learning disabilities to have a voice and to make sure we are offering the right support for people.

The group help to improve services such as:

  • GP services
  • Bus services
  • Policing
  • NHS services
  • Leicester City Council services and plans

group of individuals having their say

How do I join the We Think group?

If you would like more information about joining the We Think group, please contact Giane.

Or you can find Mosaic Group Advocacy on Facebook.