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What support can I receive?

If you access care through our Shared Lives scheme, there are three main types of care available to you.

  • Long-term care: You will live in someone’s home for an open-ended period of time
  • Short-term care: You will stay with someone for periods varying from one night to a few weeks
  • Day support: This helps develop your skills and confidence, and may take place in your home or in the community.

Your social worker, care manager or Shared Lives worker will talk with you to work out what you’d like your carers to know about you, and what they need to know to support you properly.

It will help if you can tell them things like:

  • What you do during the day
  • What you like doing in the evening and at weekends
  • Which people are important to you
  • What things you need support with each day.

Information given to your carers is confidential, and will only be shared with others in order to support you properly or keep you safe.  

What support will I receive?

This depends on what you need and want.  Your carers can support you with all sorts of things, including:

  • making a cup of tea or learning to cook
  • washing your hair or getting dressed
  • taking your medication
  • managing your money
  • going out. 

Will I have to keep to lots of rules?

No, but there may be a few rules that everyone sharing the house is asked to keep. These may include:

  • not smoking in the house
  • helping to clear up after meals
  • not playing loud music.

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