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Equipment to help you

Equipment might be available to help you with a wide variety of everyday tasks.

What types of equipment are available?

  • Low level equipment such as raised toilet seats, kitchen trolley's, perching stools and bed levers
  • Other major equipment such as hoist, slings, rotundas and stand aids
  • If a bespoke piece of equipment is needed to meet your care and support needs we will work with you to progress this further.

What types of minor adaptations are available?

Minor adaptations such as grab rails, half steps, and threshold strips can be provided to meet your eligible care and support needs.

What types of assistive technology are available?

  • Standalone equipment such as an electronic medication dispenser, night light, calendar clock or pressure plug
  • Standalone equipment which sends an alert, such as an epilepsy sensor, easy to use mobile phone, pressure floor mat with wireless radio pager, or chair sensor with pager
  • TeleCare equipment, such as a bed, chair or floor sensor, a property exit sensor, door sensor or fall detector.

How much does this support cost?

The provision of equipment and minor adaptations is free if you are assessed to have eligible care and support needs.

For assistive technology, if you're eligible for support, then all standalone equipment is free. You have to pay for the TeleCare and web-based services.

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