Children's social care

We offer activities and services to help rebuild and strengthen children and young people's resilience.

Further information

Parents have primary responsibility for and are the main influence on their children. Our role is to strengthen parenting capacity, while remaining clear about our duty to safeguard vulnerable children and young people.

Duty and Advice Service

The Duty and Advice Service is the first point of contact for all new referrals to children’s services and accepts referrals on a 24/7 basis, 52 weeks of the year. We deal with anything that relates to city children whether that be an open case to a social worker or not.

There is now one front door response and one number to call to request council early help, early help assessments and Children's social care. Please refer to Use One Number for more information.

How to make a referral

To make a referral you will be expected to give the following information (as much as possible):

  • Ethnic origin
  • Religion
  • Parents details
  • Home address
  • Details of any other key agencies involved. 

You may be asked for more information, if there is insufficient to make an assessment. If this is the case it will be because you already have a relationship with the child, or deemed to be best placed to get the information.

You will be asked if you have shared your concerns with parents, it is expected that parents are told when a referral is being made, unless there are clear risk identified to a child should parents be informed.

An email will be sent to you confirming the conversation and the actions to be taken.

If you are instructed to complete a Referral for Early Help and Social Care form this should be emailed back to

Please note - Due to an information governance issue there is currently a word document of the new referral form for Early Help and Social Care. The online form will go live as soon as the issues have been resolved.

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