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Stay healthy this winter

Winter weather can increase the risk of serious illness and injuries. Some people (such as the elderly, the very young, and those with medical conditions) are more vulnerable to the effects of cold weather.

There are things that you can do to protect yourself and keep well in the winter months:

  • Get your flu vaccination. For some people this is free from their own GP. This will not only protect you but can protect others as well. Find out of you are eligible for a free flu vaccination at:
  • Be prepared. Keep your medicine cabinet and food cupboards stocked to avoid trips out to the shops in bad weather.
  • Keep warm and hydrated. Keeping warm at home and when out will help you to feel well over the winter.
    • Wearing layers will help as you can adjust your temperature accordingly.
    • Close your curtains as soon as it starts to get dark will help keep the warmth in.
    • Drink plenty of fluid (water, tea and coffee as well as water based soups all count).
    • Eat warming foods such as stews and casseroles.
    • Move frequently.
  • Choose well. Make sure that if you need medical advice you know where to go. Your pharmacist can help with common illnesses such as coughs and colds. Only choose A&E if it is an emergency.
  • Look out for each other. If you can keep in touch with neighbours, friends and family and other vulnerable people that you know.

For more information, visit the NHS website. You can also find winter advice on GOV.UK - 'Keep Warm Keep Well' and the Better Care Together website.