Booking a park or public space

festival tent

Leicester has many parks, public spaces and city centre sites, which host activities including major festivals, community events and exhibitions.

Further information

Want to organise an event at Leicester parks, public spaces or city centre sites?

If you want to organise an event in one of Leicester’s parks, public spaces or city centre sites please contact the festivals and events team by:

Street parties

A separate form needs to be completed if you would like to hold a street party or other events on a highway. You can find out more information and download the forms from 'I would like to hold a street party/event on the highway' quick link above.

Picnics on parks

If you are planning a picnic on a park in Leicester we do not require any notification as long as the following applies:

  • Less than 50 people attending, or not advertised to the general public. Some flexibility on the maximum figure may be granted.
  • No cooking on site, including barbecues
  • No charity collections, advertising or distribution of printed material
  • No playing of music, amplified sound, or any form of regulated entertainment 
  • No infrastructure including tents, marquees or inflatables 
  • No vehicles.

Register your event with the fire service

You should register your event with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Any event with around 5000 people attending
  • Any event where overnight camping is taking place
  • Any event where fireworks or pyrotechnics are going to be used
  • If there are any large scale food outlets being used, particularly those using LPG fuel
  • Any event that has a large flow of traffic.

Chinese lanterns

We do not permit the use of Chinese lanterns in our parks and open spaces. Visit the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service website for more information.