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Coronavirus is still a danger

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Clock Tower area

Due to the continuing building works/government guidelines regarding Covid-19, we do not recommend the Clock Tower as an event space. Please contact for more details.

Street entertainment

Busking or street entertainment includes performance of music, song, dance, art or street theatre in a public place for the main purpose of attracting donations of money from members of the public.

Buskers and street entertainers can bring about a certain vibrancy to city centres which is enjoyed by those visiting and working in the city centre; but from time to time we also receive complaints about buskers and street entertainers.

What causes the majority of complaints?

In Leicester city centre, the majority of the complaints we receive relate to: 

  • Music played at intrusive noise levels – either through excessive volume, long duration or repetition
  • Blocking and obstruction of entrances and doorways to businesses, emergency access ways and the free flow of pedestrian traffic 

Code of conduct

We would like to ensure that all those who share public spaces in the city centre avoid confrontational situations and engender positive/ considerate relationships.  

We have therefore produced a code of conduct in conjunction with the Musicians Union. The code sets out;

  • The issues that buskers and street entertainers should consider when thinking about performing in Leicester and
  • the steps that will be taken against those whose behaviour or performance causes a negative impact.

You can view the full and short version of the code of conduct below.