Filming policy

Galleries interior shot - filming

You are welcome to take photos in our museums. If you plan to photograph a particular object , you can contact us to check if restrictions are in place.

Further information

There are currently restrictions on photography in our Picasso Ceramics Gallery and our German Expressionist Gallery.

Photography and filming policy

Please feel free to use and share your images for personal use but remember the following:

  • Please respect other visitors
  • Avoid taking photographs of others without their permission
  • Avoid taking photographs of children without permission from their parent or guardian
  • Avoid the use of flash.

Please respect the displays

  • Some exhibitions and objects have copyright and loan restrictions beyond our control. Look out for signs telling you where photography or filming is not allowed
  • We encourage the sketching of artwork and objects on display, but please do not use charcoal, pastels, permanent markers, water or oil. These are not allowed in the galleries for conservation reasons
  • Photography and filming are permitted for personal and educational use only. Please contact the museum in advance if you wish to take photographs or film for commercial use
  • Permission for general location filming and photography must also be booked in advance.

Occasionally, we along with others may carry out filming and photography within the museum. Should you wish to be excluded from this, please avoid any areas where camera crews are visible, or speak to a member of staff.

Please download and read the 'Leicester arts and museums - photo and filming policy' document.