Parks and open spaces

Our parks are geared up to help you get healthy. From playgrounds, to outdoor gyms; walking and cycling trails and meditation areas. We have 130 parks in Leicester all offering something different for everyone.

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...Bands in the Parks 2018 event dates

...Bands in the Parks 2018 event dates

Between June to September you can enjoy live music in our parks.
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River Monster project

The River Monster project has seen volunteers from across the city collecting waste plastic from local waterways to help create a Loch Ness-style ‘Leicester Wyvern’ monster that will float at various locations along the river until October. You can see the River Monster at the following locations:

Dates Locations
15 - 24 September Soar Lane (Evan’s Weir)
25 September - 3 October King Power Stadium (Freemen’s Weir)
5 - 15 October Aylestone Mill (Aylestone Mill Lock)

Find out more about this project: River Monster press release.