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The Green Flag Award scheme was first launched in 1996 to recognise and reward the best green spaces in the country.

Green Flag award

We are very pleased that Abbey Park holds a Green Flag award.

Each year our Green flag parks are assessed by independent judges to ensure they meet the high standards required by the Green Flag scheme. Only if the park passes the judging is it awarded a Green Flag.

Each potential Green Flag park is judged on:

  • Is the park a welcoming place?
  • Is it healthy, safe and secure?
  • The park must be clean and well maintained
  • Is the park managed is a sustainable way?
  • Do we take account of the parks heritage and appropriately encourage its conservation and wildlife.
  • Is the community involved in the Park?
  • Do we promote the park?
  • Is the park well managed and do we have plans for the future?

To be sure that our Green Flag parks are able to continue to achieve a Green Flag, each park has its own management plan. Please contact us if you require a copy of any of our management plans.

You can find out more about the Green Flag Award using the link below:

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