Active lifestyle

Women playing cricket in a park

Active Leicester is our campaign to get the city active. We have many opportunities for physical activity that are free for anybody to use to get fit.

Further information

Physical activity can be anything from walking, to dancing, to going for a jog - anything that gets your heart rate up. 

Increasing physical activity can be a benefit to all aspects of your life:

  • Can help with weight management.
  • Can improve your mental health.
  • Can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

Active Leicester wants to encourage everybody to get more active and raise their physical activity to the minimum recommended level. 

  • 150 minutes per week for adults
  • 60 minutes per day for children 

Physical activity means anything that gets your heart rate up. You could do as little as ten minutes per session. 

Follow our quick link at the top of the page to find an activity in Leicester.

Active Lifestyle scheme

A lot of medical conditions can be helped by the right healthy eating and exercise routine. Our Active Lifestyle scheme supports people wishing to achieve a healthier lifestyle through enjoyable exercise.

You may be identified for referral by your GP or another health professional to help deal with a number of issues, including

  • Arthritis
  • back pain
  • high cholesterol
  • obesity.

This scheme offers free support for six months under the guidance of exercise professionals.

How do I apply?

The Active Lifestyle scheme is free, and available on referral by your GP. Ask your doctor for information on how to enrol if you have a condition you feel may be improved with more physical activity.

Once on the scheme you will invited to attend your local leisure facility where your referral instructor will take you through a step-by-step guide. After your initial appointment you will be booked in for two further appointments - one at three months and one just before you finish the scheme after six months.

Please note, if you have been on the Active Lifestyle scheme before, you cannot be re-referred.

For more information you can call 0116 299 5593, visit the Get Healthy Leicester website or write to Get Healthy Leicester, Unit 20, Warren Park Way, Warren Park, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4SA.

Choose How You Move

Getting active can be as easy as changing your travel arrangements or the way you commute to work or school. Find out more and get inspired to choose how you move.