Short term passes

Short term passes gives you the perfect opportunity to try out our facilities. Our short-term passes last for 30 days.

Further information

Short term passes

Our short term passes are perfect if you’re not in the area for long or would like to try out the facilities before you join on one of our other memberships.

Passes are available for 30 days and offer the full inclusive membership experience. While your pass is active you will benefit from:

  • Inclusive access to the gym
  • Inclusive access to group exercise classes and swimming pools
  • Inclusive fitness induction and personal exercise programme
  • Above benefits available at all our leisure centres.

Personal programmes available, depending on availability.

As per our terms and conditions, all members wishing to use the fitness suite must first complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire and complete our induction process. Short term passes can be purchased from any of our leisure centres.