Reminder to register to vote

Published on 24 March 2015

CITY residents are being reminded that the deadline to register to vote is fast approaching.

If you are not registered by April 20, you will be unable to vote in the up and coming elections this May.

Changes to the voting system mean that people must register as individuals, rather than being registered as part of a household.

Most people will have automatically transferred to the new voting register, but some people will have received letters asking them to re-register to ensure they are included.

Called individual electoral registration (IER), the changes have been introduced to make election fraud more difficult and to improve the accuracy of electoral records.

Registration is essential if you want the right to vote in any elections and referendums. In Leicester there will be three elections on 7 May for MPs, the city mayor and city councillors.

Leicester City Council has held a number of events to inform people of the changes since they were introduced last summer.

Miranda Cannon, returning officer and electoral registration officer at Leicester City Council, said: “It is vital that people register to vote so they can play their part in the democratic process.

“There is still time to register and it only takes a few minutes. So please register to make sure your voice is heard on 7 May.”

The change to registration also means a few more details are required including date of birth and national insurance number.

Also not being on the register may affect you when it comes to trying to obtain credit in the forms of a mortgage, loan or even a mobile phone contract.

To prevent this happening to you, register online now at

If you are unable to register online, please feel free to call 0116 454 2000 and register over the phone, fill in a paper form or visit one of the customer service centres in the city.