Technical services review set to save millions

Published on 15 May 2015

LEICESTER’s City Mayor has announced plans to make more than £3 million in savings to help the council to cope with “savage Government cuts”.

The savings will come from changes to its vehicle fleet, highways and transportation services, and facilities management services.

Because of Government spending cuts the council will have to reduce its budget by £54 million by 2018/19.  The council has reviewed all of its technical divisions with the aim of achieving savings with minimal impact on frontline services.

The review has identified on-going savings of £3.13 million that could be made through the following initiatives:

• reducing the number of vehicles in the council’s fleet

• extending the running life of vehicles from seven years to 12 years

• converting traffic signals to LEDs to reduce energy costs

• bringing in a fixed penalty and permit scheme for street works

• sharing services with the county council

• reducing the number of facilities management contracts

• reducing the number of security staff in the central estate

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: ““In the past five years the government has reduced our budget in cash terms by more than £85 million.

“Through careful financial planning we have managed to reduce the impact of the savage Government cuts we have faced so far, but there is no doubt that we have some very difficult times ahead.

“The review of technical services aims to give us big savings while protecting frontline services as much as we are able to.

“Unfortunately with another £54 million of cuts to be found in the next few years, there is no guarantee that these will not be affected in the future.”

The savings are to be made over a three-year period, with £1.97m coming from fleet services; £814, 000 from highways and transportation services; and £346,000 from facilities management.

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