Residents get flood risk advice

Published on 19 May 2015

RESIDENTS in parts of Leicester, which could be at risk of flooding, are being given advice this week on what action they can take.
Information leaflets are being given out to around 1,600 residents in the Belgrave area of the city. In addition, there will be an exhibition at Belgrave Library, showing more detailed maps and information.

The Belgrave area is among a number of low-lying parts of the city, which are considered to be at higher risk of flooding from a combination of water levels on the River Soar and surface water caused by rainfall.

Environment Agency figures show that one in six homes in England and Wales is currently at risk from flooding, but with climate change projections for more frequent severe weather and rising sea levels over the coming decades, the flood risk could increase.

Flash flooding - caused by a surge in surface water from heavy rainfall - can be difficult to predict and can happen very quickly, leaving drains and gullies unable to cope. In addition, long periods of heavy rain can cause water levels to rise in the River Soar and other brooks and streams in the city.

Leicester City Mayor, Peter Soulsby, said: "Predictions show that severe weather and flooding are likely to become even more common in the future due to climate change.

"It's more important than ever to ensure people know what they can do to prepare and protect themselves and their homes, and where they can get information and help.

"We are carrying out on-going work with the county council and the Environment Agency to keep on top of flood risk and to ensure that we do all we can to lessen that risk through proper drainage, diverting flood water and protecting low-lying areas."

Further information on work to tackle flooding is available at:

Information is also available at, and advice on protecting property is available from