Empty property to be brought back into use

Published on 23 July 2015

A HOUSE which has fallen into disrepair after standing empty for more than two years is set to be brought back into use.

The property, at 10 Mountcastle Road, off Narborough Road, has been the subject of complaints by neighbours and nearby residents.

The owner has not responded to requests from the council to bring the property back into use. Now, Leicester City Council will use a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to buy the property and bring it back up to standard.

Cllr Andy Connelly, assistant city mayor for housing, said: “We only consider compulsory purchase orders as a last resort, preferring to work with homeowners wherever we can.

“However, when a property stands empty for a long time, it can become an eyesore and create problems for neighbours. In these instances, it’s important that we take action.

“We want to ensure properties like this one are brought back into use to provide much-needed family accommodation in the city.”

The estimated value of the property is in the region of £105,000.

The council will cover its purchase costs by selling the house to new owners, who must undertake to bring the property back into use within an agreed timescale.

The council’s empty homes team has helped to bring more than 287 empty properties back into use over the last 14 months (Apr 14 – Jun 15).

The team focusses primarily on houses that have been unoccupied for more than 18 months, and CPOs are only used as a last resort, or in exceptional circumstances.

All local authorities must comply with Government guidance when acquiring a property by way of compulsory purchase order.