Electoral register reminder

Published on 10 November 2015

CITY RESIDENTS are being reminded they now have less than two weeks to respond to recent electoral registration reminders.

A legal requirement, people have until Friday 20th November to register as part of the latest canvass.

Leicester City Council has previously sent out letters to all residents and council officers have visited homes across the city to encourage people to register individually on the electoral register.

This exercise was a part of Leicester City Council’s annual voter registration canvass.

Registering is important if you want to keep your right to vote in future elections and referendums including the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place across the country in May 2016.

Registration is also a legal requirement and essential if residents want to get credit such as a mortgage, mobile phone contract or a loan. If you do not register you can be fined.

Miranda Cannon, Leicester City Council’s Electoral Registration Officer said: “Anyone wishing to vote must be registered, otherwise they won’t be able to have their say in the elections next year.

"It is a legal requirement to respond, even if there are no changes to the information.

"There is still time, so don't delay. Don’t lose your right to vote in the future."

To register, go to gov.uk/register-to-vote and follow the simple steps on screen. Please note that you will be required to input some personal information in order to verify you are who you say you are, so have your address and National Insurance number handy.

Any residents who have any questions or require more information, visit leicester.gov.uk/registertovote, contact the electoral services team on 0116 454 2000 or email electoral.services@leicester.gov.uk