Free bottle-swap event at city dental practice

Published on 19 November 2015

PARENTS can swap their babies’ bottles for a free cup at a city dental practice next week. 

The bottle-swap event is taking place at Saffron Lane Dental Practice on Saturday 28 November, from 9.30am-12pm.

Using baby bottles for too long can cause tooth decay. It’s much better to choose a free-flow cup – the sort that allows water to drip from the spout when upside-down.

Parents are advised to introduce drinking from a cup from six months, and stop bottle-feeding by one year.

The bottle-swap event is a joint initiative between Saffron Lane Dental Practice and Leicester City Council, which runs the Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles oral health initiative.

The free cups are being donated by Babycup.

Public health consultant Dr Jasmine Murphy said: “Looking after your children’s teeth doesn’t have to be complicated – taking a few simple steps can help to set them on the path to good oral health for life.

“Lots of people are aware of the importance of brushing teeth twice a day and avoiding sugary food and drinks. But people may be less aware of the damage that prolonged baby bottle feeding can do, or that your child’s first visit to the dentist should be when their first tooth comes through.

“By working together with local dental surgeries, we can help raise awareness and improve the oral health of children and families in Leicester.”

The Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles initiative has launched a pilot accreditation scheme for dental surgeries, and Saffron Lane Dental Practice is working on gaining accreditation.

To gain accreditation, dental practices must show their full commitment to delivering oral health improvement for patients and the wider community. They must have a dedicated oral health champion within the practice and provide a child and family-friendly preventative service.

Cllr Abdul Osman, assistant city mayor responsible for public health, said: “I’m really pleased to see dental practices working to gain our accreditation and working with us in this way. We need to make sure that children know, from an early age, that visiting the dentist is nothing to be afraid of – it’s just a normal, everyday part of life.

“Our oral health initiative has received national praise for the innovative ways in which it’s reaching out to families and engaging with people. This bottle swap event is another example of that important outreach work.”

Michelle Lawson, business manger of Saffron Lane Dental Practice, said: “We are excited to be working with Leicester City Council to contribute to improving oral health in Leicester. This is something which the whole practice team feels very passionately about and is working hard to achieve”.

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