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More children than ever get place at one of their preferred secondary schools

Published on 01 March 2018



THOUSANDS of children across the city will be offered places at secondary schools today – with more children than ever who applied on-time being offered a place at one of their preferred schools.


Today – 1 March – is National Offer Day, when children up and down the country learn which secondary school they will attend for the 2018/19 academic year.


In Leicester, 4,493 applications were received on time – an increase of eight per cent, or 333 extra admissions compared to last year.


Of those, 3,757 (83.6 per cent) received their first preference, 375 (8.3 per cent) their second preference and 152 (3.4 per cent) their third preference.


Compared to last year, 285 more families secured a place at their highest preferred school, and 363 more families secured a place at one of their preferred schools.


In total 95.3 per cent of applicants were offered a place at one of their three choices, with the remaining 4.7 per cent offered alternative places.


Every applicant who applied on time was offered a place at a school.


More than half of the 209 families who weren’t offered a place at one of their preferred schools had only chosen one school, rather than making the three choices everyone is entitled to.


Cllr Sarah Russell, assistant city mayor for children, young people and schools, said: “It’s great news that we’ve been able to offer the vast majority of applicants – 95.3 per cent – one of their three preferences. We know how important choosing a school is to families, and we want to make sure choice is available.


“Putting down only one school doesn’t increase your chances of getting in there ­– it just increases your chances of disappointment. We strongly recommend that all families visit their local schools before applying, and then use all three preferences on their application form.


“The number of applications we’re receiving is increasing year on year, but we’re working hard, together with schools, to meet demand. We’re continuing with our plans for the biggest-ever expansion of city secondary schools, as part of a £60million project that will eventually see 3,100 extra places provided across the city. That’s equivalent to building two new secondary schools.


“These new places have been filtering into the schools system since September 2017, with the first phase of work seeing the expansion of nine city secondary schools.


“In this way we have made sure that, once again, no-one who applies on time is without a place.”


The application process for school places is now entirely online, meaning parents can view their results on offer day, rather than having to wait for a letter to be posted out to them.




School places table



Academic Year 2017/8

Academic Year 2018/19

Total number of applications



1st prefs met



2nd prefs met



3rd prefs meet



Any preference met



Alternative Offers



No offers




% prefs met

Academic Year 2017/18

Academic Year 2018/19

1st prefs met



2nd prefs met



3rd prefs meet



Any preference met



Alternative Offers



No offers