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You can apply for building regulations approval either through the full plans process, or with a building notice depending on the type and complexity of the work involved.

Further information

Full plans process

This is when the person wishing to carry out the work, or their agent, submits plans showing full details of the work. This method must be used where the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order is applicable or where a Severn Trent Water sewer may be involved. You will receive a formal decision after the checking process has taken place. An approval notice can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors, etc, when seeking loans or moving home. You will also have the assurance that providing the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans the regulations will be satisfied.

How to submit a full plans application

Download an application form below and return it with the following:

  • All detailed plans, sections and elevations incorporating all necessary technical notes, supporting calculations and specifications.
  • A 1:1250 scale plan showing the size and position of the building, or the building as extended and its relationship to adjoining boundaries (commonly known as a block plan).
  • A detailed cost estimate, where appropriate.
  • The contract period for the project.
  • The appropriate plan fee (please telephone or email for a quote). A fee for the work on site will be invoiced after the first inspection.

The application can be sent by email or returned by post using the details below. If you are sending hard copies of the plans and information, two copies are required. However if the application is for flats, offices, shops, factories, hotels and boarding houses, three copies are required as we have to consult with the fire service.

Building notice procedure

The building notice procedure is useful for carrying out work on smaller projects and also where the person carrying out the work is familiar with the regulation's requirements. It enables work to proceed quickly without the deposit of plans. It may not be used for certain projects such as flats with a common area, shops and offices, where the regulations make requirements for means of escape in case of fire, and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order is applicable. It also cannot be used if you are building in the vicinity of a Severn Trent sewer.

Detailed plans are not usually required resulting savings in time and cost.    

You must feel confident that the works comply with the building regulations or you risk having to correct it after inspection. You may have to submit plans and calculations at a later stage. No approval notice will be issued, though if works are considered satisfactory you will get a completion certificate.

How do I submit a building notice application?

Download the application form below and return it with the following:

  • A detailed cost estimate where appropriate.
  • The appropriate fee (see current fee scales) payable with the deposit of the Building Notice.
  • A 1:1250 scale plan showing the size and position of the building, or the building as extended and its relationship to the adjoining boundaries (commonly known as a block plan).

The application can be returned to us by email or post using the details below.

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