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We investigate reports about building work which may have been done without planning permission, or possible breaches of planning permissions or conditions.

Further information

We also investigate reports of untidy private land, advertisements and signs.

The construction of new buildings, extensions to buildings, or changes of use of land or buildings may require planning permission.

Breaches of planning control

We will investigate cases of potential breaches of planning control, such as:

  • works being carried out without planning permission
  • unauthorised changes of use of land or buildings
  • not keeping to conditions imposed by a planning permission
  • works significantly different from the approved plans
  • works to a listed building or a protected tree without the proper consent
  • displaying certain advertisements without the necessary consent.

However, this doesn't mean that carrying out work without permission is an offence which will lead us to take immediate action.

We have a wide range of powers available to deal with breaches of planning control. More details are available by downloading our enforcement policy at the bottom of the page.