Planning document system

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View and comment on an application

You can make comments about 'live' applications, which are currently going through a public consultation process.

Further information

Most planning applications go through a public consultation process of about three weeks.

Finding planning applications

You can use our planning database to find out about planning applications. The planning application details screen has a comments form that you can fill in and submit to us. 

We publicise most applications for planning permission by writing to neighbours. On some applications, a site notice is displayed and some applications are advertised in the Leicester Mercury.

If you receive a letter about an application near your property, and you are a tenant, please tell your landlord (unless you are a council tenant) so that he or she can comment. 

Some types of planning application (for instance for advertisements or discharge of conditions) do not have formal publicity requirements. However, all applications can be viewed through our online planning database and all valid applications are publicised through our weekly list of applications received.

Every week we publish weekly lists of applications received and determined. Copies of these can be inspected in the following:

We also publish the weekly lists on the web, and these are available for inspection. All the weekly lists are displayed. You can search by date, or select the column headings to reorder the search results.

Our formal procedures for publicising planning applications and planning proposals are set out in the Statement of Community Involvement. 

What is the process for commenting on a planning application?

  • residents that wish to comment on an application are asked to pick one of three options, and explain their choice:
    • Object to the application
    • Support the application
    • Neither object nor support the application.
  • Once these comments are made, they are read by the case officer and taken into account when the officer writes the report and makes a recommendation. 
  • They are also taken into account by the officer or planning committee when making a final decision.
  • Comments are made available to the public via the website. This is mandatory.
  • Decisions made after comments have been made and taken into account are final. If you are still unhappy, you will need to make a formal complaint.

To comment on a planning application, please use the quick link at the top of this page.