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Information for learners

Information on changes to our courses and learning arrangements due to coronavirus.

Keeping Leicester learning

In light of the introduction of the national lockdown, the service continues to follow strict government guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

The service is currently not offering face to face classes because the government has announced that schools and colleges must close for the time being. Learners will therefore be taught and supported remotely. Your tutor will keep in contact with you to tell you how to continue to learn until classes are back to normal.

We have established a digital learning policy which underpins the service’s commitment to supporting your online learning as well as our expectations. Find out more information about the Digital learning policy

What will the Online classroom be like?

Courses run fully online are delivered via Google classroom and Google Meets. All classes are timetabled to occur at a specific day and time every week and will have a maximum 16 learners per class. All learners attend every class online until further notice.

Blended learning classroom

All blended learning courses planned for this year will be now be delivered fully online using the Google classroom model until further notice.

On-site classroom

There is currently no onsite delivery. However once lockdown restrictions allow, classes will be delivered onsite, following government guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

What will the socially distanced on-site classroom be like?

These classes will be made up of small groups of between 6 to 8 learners depending on classroom size. All learners attend every lesson and will follow social distancing rules and remain 2 metres apart and wear face coverings.

Which classes?

This method of delivery is for subjects that cannot be taught online, due to the practical nature of the subject, as learners would be severely disadvantaged or would find it extremely difficult to do the course online. Social distancing rules limit the number of classrooms available and therefore limit the range of courses the service will be able to offer.

Before you come to a class please read our information sheet or watch a video on YouTube about returning to college.

GCSE exams will not be going ahead in 2021. Learners will be assessed by the tutor, with tutor assessments used as the basis for awarding grades at the end of the academic year.

For any other planned exams, if these cannot be conducted safely onsite, the service will be guided by the individual awarding bodies as to what alternative  assessments need to be organised. Learners will be contacted by their tutor to confirm arrangements. We will seek to ensure that learners’ progression is not delayed due to examination or assessment disruption.

Not all learners have access to devices or even an internet connection. The service can offer support, where feasible, with access to technology. In addition, paper-based materials can be posted with support offered by our tutors over the telephone.

LASALS recognise the disadvantages faced by SEND learners at this time and have actively ensured that risk assessments and reasonable adjustments are being reviewed regularly, and discussed with individual learners, to enable them to have access to high quality provision with the service. Learning differentiation will be initiated promptly, with additional individual support provided by the tutor either by telephone or online.

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Frequently asked questions

It will be assumed that a student has withdrawn from a course if they have not attended for three consecutive weeks unless we have been notified of the reasons for the absence.

The Learner Support Fund is a limited amount of funding allocated to the service by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Education Funding Agency (EFA) each year for adult skills courses. The service also sets aside a small amount of funding to support learners who are asylum seekers.

As this is a limited funding stream there is no entitlement to Learner Support Funds. For more information please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Qualifications and their corresponding levels explained

Level Equivalent qualification
Entry Total beginners, never done this before
Mixed ability Suitable for beginners and for learners with prior experience
Level 1 Have some limited prior knowledge or experience
Level 2 Equivalent to GCSE
Level 3 Equivalent to AS/A level
Level 4 Beyond A level - professional status