Further information and FAQs

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Further information

Minimum numbers and cancellations

While every effort is made to run all the courses advertised, we may have to close a course where the enrolments are low. Courses usually require a minimum of 12 enrolments. If the minimum number of enrolments has not been reached one week before the course is due to start, we reserve the right to cancel the course.

We also reserve the right to cancel a course if the number attending falls below a number that, in our view makes the course no longer viable. In these instances we would aim to inform all enrolled learners as early as possible of a course cancellation.

What happens if I fail to attend?

It will be assumed that a student has withdrawn from a course if they have not attended for three consecutive weeks unless we have been notified of the reasons for the absence.

Will I be entitled to a refund?

Refunds are not normally given, except when a course is closed. Consideration will be given to written requests from learners who withdraw in exceptional circumstances, if in these circumstances a refund is made, a £10 administration fee will be charged.

Refunds are not given for one-day courses, unless the place is filled by another learner.

Will there be extra costs?

Charges are made for some materials and equipment, and are not included in the tuition fees - please see the additional information on the website for the course or ask for details.

What is Learner Support?

The Learner Support Fund is a limited amount of funding allocated to the service by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Education Funding Agency (EFA) each year for adult skills courses. The service also sets aside a small amount of funding to support learners Asylum Seekers.

As this is a limited funding stream there is no entitlement to Learner Support Funds. For more information please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.

What is the learner handbook?

Either at the time of enrolment or in your first class, you will be given a learner handbook, which outlines our services available to you. You can also find a copy of this below.

Qualifications and their corresponding levels explained

Level Equivalent qualification
Entry Total beginners, never done this before
Mixed ability Suitable for beginners and for learners with prior experience
Level 1 Have some limited prior knowledge or experience
Level 2 Equivalent to GCSE
Level 3 Equivalent to AS/A level
Level 4 Beyond A level - professional status