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Working in childcare in Leicester City

We provide support to all types of childcare settings with regards to Ofsted registration, continuous professional development opportunities, inspection outcomes, raising quality and relevant regulatory advice.

Thinking of becoming a childminder?

Working as a childminder means being self-employed and managing your own business. You should assess the demand for new childminders in your locality. If you do want to register you will need to complete a short skills check before starting.

You can download our 'Thinking about childminding' guidance document at the bottom of this page.

How to register

To register, please complete the 'Childminding enquiry online registration form' which is linked above.

Childcare registration and advice officers will then help you throughout the Ofsted registration process. They will give telephone advice on making an application. They also offer two or three pre-registration visits to your home to:

  • explain the requirements and process of registering as a childminder
  • inform you of the process of applying to Ofsted to register as a childminder and discuss training
  • look at making the home environment safe for young children
  • support you through the process of registration.

Getting qualified

You will need to:

  • take a home-based childcare course
  • pass appropriate paediatric first aid/safeguarding training as defined by Ofsted's Childcare Register.

We aim to support providers to raise quality and improve the experiences that children have in care, learning and play. Extensive research shows that high quality services for children and young people directly impacts on improved outcomes and better life chances for children.

Childcare on non-domestic premises

If you want to register a non-domestic premise or extend your existing provision, we can offer guidance and support. We can view the property and advise on its suitability to reach and maintain welfare requirements.