How to apply

UCAS Progress lets you apply online to sixth form schools and colleges, further education colleges and other training providers.

Further information

How does it work?

Your tutor at school will give you a username and password so you can log in. Then you will need to:

  • Search and add your favourite courses
  • Complete your profile including predicted grades, any work experience and your personal statement
  • Make applications. You'll want to make sure you've researched your ideas carefully and attended open days before you make your final choices.

After you apply

  • Your tutor will check everything and add a reference. Your application will then be sent to each of your chosen providers.
  • The admissions staff at your post 16 choices will contact you to confirm interviews and offers.
  • You can log in to UCAS Progress to see the progress of your applications at any time (see quick link above).

Key dates

  • Year 10 or early in Year 11 - you will be given a user name and password and introduced to UCAS Progress
  • October 1st - next year's courses are displayed
  • November or December - attend open days and finalise your profile and applications
  • January 31st - your school will submit your applications by this date. (For engineering, construction and creative arts courses at Leicester College they will submit before Christmas)
  • February to April - you may be invited to interviews
  • By end of April - you should have received offers
  • By 10th May - you should accept or reject any offers received. Make sure you update UCAS Progress if you change your mind about which provider is your first choice. Talk to an adviser if you don't have any offers.

What about apprenticeships?

You can apply to apprenticeship training providers through UCAS Progress. To complete an apprenticeship you'll also need an employer. Some training providers can put you in touch with an employer but it's important that you look for apprenticeship jobs yourself by: