Options after year 11

After Year 11 you can carry on learning full-time, or learn as part of an apprenticeship, traineeship or job.

Further information

After Year 11 you can:

  • Learn full-time at school sixth form or sixth form college
  • Learn full-time or part-time at further education (FE) college
  • Do an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Do a foundation learning study programme
  • Start work with part time learning
  • Do some voluntary work

Full-time education

You can stay in full-time learning at school sixth form, sixth form college, or further education (FE) college. Find out as much as you can about schools and colleges by reading prospectuses and going to open days.

Check out UCAS Progress for details of courses.

Find out about Money for learning to help you afford to stay on in education.


With an apprenticeship you can work towards a qualification, learn new skills, get on-the-job training and earn money all at the same time.


A traineeship is a course with work experience that gets you ready for work or an apprenticeship. It can take between six weeks and six months. You’ll get help with English and maths if you need it. You won’t be paid, but your employer can sometimes give you expenses for things like travel and meals.

See more info on our preparing for work page.

Foundation learning study programme

Training on a foundation learning programme can help you to get on to an apprenticeship, in to work or further learning. For more info check out our preparing for work page.