Preparing for work

If you aren't already in education or employment there are study programmes and traineeships that you can start at any time of year.

Further information

They can help you move into a job, college or apprenticeship.

What would I do on a study programme?

  • Work in a small group
  • Gain confidence and learn new skills
  • Do work experience and a vocational qualification such as childcare, construction or catering
  • Improve your maths and English
  • You should be able to move on to an apprenticeship, go to college or get a job.

What would I do on a traineeship?

  • Work experience with an employer
  • Work preparation training
  • Get English and maths support, if needed
  • At the end of your work experience you’ll get a job interview with the company if a role becomes available or a reference to help you apply for other jobs with the experience you have gained
  • Traineeships last from six weeks to six months.

Will I get paid?

  • You may get travel expenses and the costs of any childcare. 
  • Your parents should be able to carry on claiming child benefit and usually child tax credits for you
  • Some people may be able to get a 16-19 bursary

Where can I find out more?

Talk to your careers adviser or Connexions personal adviser in school, or if you’ve left school, visit the Connexions centre.