The labour market

If you are planning your career it's useful to know what jobs there will be now and in the future.

Further information

Employers in Leicester

Leicester and its surrounding areas have some very large employers including companies like Next, Caterpillar, Dunelm and Santander, and the universities and hospitals. However more than nine out of 10 local companies are small ones employing less than 20 people. 

Which jobs are growing?

Leicester has a lot of thriving industries and job opportunities. In particular, people are needed to work in:

  • Caring for a growing elderly population
  • Hi-tech jobs in manufacturing, engineering and research - for those with high level science, maths and engineering qualifications
  • Creative IT jobs such as social media marketing
  • Customer service jobs such as those in retail, hospitality and tourism.

For information on other growing employment areas see the quick links above.

What skills do employers want?

The exact skills required will vary from job to job. There are some skills though, that employers look for whatever the job:

  • positive attitude and motivation
  • arriving on time
  • being well organised
  • communication
  • working well in a team
  • customer service
  • being flexible
  • basic Maths and English

Having work experience - through a school or college placement, a part-time job or volunteering will help you to get a job.