Money and benefits

Find out about any benefits available to you or your parents or carers.

Further information

Benefits for 16-17 year olds

Most 16 or 17 year olds cannot claim benefits. You may be able to claim something if you are:

  • a young parent
  • in the last 11 weeks of pregnancy
  • disabled or have a long term health problem
  • caring for a relative who is disabled
  • under ‘severe hardship’

Benefits your parents may be able to claim for you

Your parents may be able to continue to claim child benefit and child tax credits for you up to the age of 20 if you are still in full-time education or in foundation learning or a traineeship. If you are not staying in full-time education, when you turn 16 your parents will normally stop getting child benefit payments for you on 31 August unless they make a claim for extended child benefit.

Extended child benefit

If you are looking for work or training your parents can apply to receive extended child benefit so that your child benefit is paid for 20 weeks from the date you left full-time education or training.

Your payments will stop straight away if you:

  • start paid work for 24 hours a week or more.
  • start getting certain benefits, such as income support, in your own right.

My child benefit has stopped, what should my parents and I do?

You must register with Connexions. That means you need to visit your local Connexions centre after the last Friday in June of the school year you reach 16 and then visit the Connexions centre every two weeks.

  • You can get extended child benefit for 20 weeks from the date you left full time education or training. 
  • If you turn 18 during this extension period you will stop receiving benefit on the Monday after your 18th birthday. If your 18th birthday is on a Monday then you will stop receiving benefit on this day.
  • It is your parents' responsibility to apply for extended child benefit. 
  • There is a time limit of three months from when you left education or approved training to apply.

What happens when I start a job or training?

Your parents should tell the child benefit office when you start a job or training – the child benefit or extended child benefit will then finish. They would then not be able to claim child benefit for you. You should also inform Connexions so that your record can be updated.

If I lose my job or training, what happens?

Your parents can usually apply to reclaim extended child benefit for you as long as it is still less than 20 weeks after leaving education, but you must register (seek Connexions help in finding a job or training place) again at the Connexions centre.