Make an Early Help Assessment (EHA) referral

Information and forms for making an early help assessment referral.

Further information

New Early Help Assessments

A referral can be made by a young person aged over 16, a parent, carer or a professional by completing the referral form. Please refer to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Threshold Procedures.  

Requesting support as part of an existing early help assessment

If you are already supporting a family through an EHA within your agency using the principles above but would like support from a range of other agencies, it is exactly the same process as above.  It is important that you make it clear on the form that you are requesting support as part of an existing EHA in your agency.

Where there is an education health care (EHC) plan in place

(mainstream schools only)

If you have an EHC plan in place for a child but require support as part of a whole family approach to address problems at an Early Help threshold then the EHC planning should incorporate and EHA as part of a single planning process.

Where there is a need for support for other members of the family, it may be the case that there will be 2 plans:

  • the EHC plan for the child, and
  • an EHA that relates to the wider issues for the child and other members of their family

There should be clear co-ordination between the plans to ensure joined up planning for the child and to avoid duplication.  In these cases, schools will become the Lead Practitioner but can still access wider support as part of the EHA as outlined above. You just need to make it clear on the form that you are requesting support as part of an existing EHA in your agency.

If you are member of staff for Leicester City Council and have full access to the Early Help Module, this can be done via Liquid Logic.  Alternatively the form can be completed and emailed to our secure inbox.  If you are a school, this must be sent via Anycomms+.  For agencies that do not have a secure email address to send information from, you will need to send your referral, password protected, to

An online form is being finalised ready for implementation from September which will enable all agencies to make referrals securely to social care and early help services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland without needing to password protect or have a secure email address to send from. Any attachments would still need to come via anycomms for schools or password protected from agencies that do not have  secure email addresses to send information from.

Your request will then be sent to the Early Help Partnership Allocations Hub for allocation to an agency to take on the role of Lead Practitioner or for professionals to become part of an existing EHA. Where there are families who need support in the interim whilst a decision is made, they will be supported through the council’s Advice Point.

Further support

Early Help and Children's Social Care
0116 454 1004

For any other queries or support with the Early Help Assessment process:

Early Help Co-ordinator
0116 454 1694