Youth services

We provide a range of services for children and young people across Leicester.

Further information

Youth services remodelling consultation

Continued reductions in government funding mean we need to make additional budget savings of £55 million by April 2019, on top of the £100 million of savings already made.

As a result, we are proposing to change the way youth services are delivered. This affects the following areas:

  • One-to-one support for young people
  • Open access youth clubs
  • Street-based youth services
  • Youth clubs with young carers
  • Youth clubs for young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Youth involvement and participation
  • Other youth services funded we fund.

You can find out more about the consultation on the following link:

Our approach

Lots of the youth work we do takes place in youth centres. We aim to provide an engaging informal environment for young people, where they can learn and benefit from positive outcomes. Centre-based Youth Work is a targeted youth support intervention and part of the early help offer for 0-19 year olds. The aims of the service are to:

  • Promote achievement and aspirations through participation in positive activities.
  • Deliver defined packages of support including sexual health and relationships, drug and alcohol misuse education.
  • Provide opportunities for accreditation.
  • Promote young people’s responsibilities and rights and tackling negative outcomes.
  • Provide dedicated delivery for LDD young people ages 13-24.
  • Provide dedicated delivery for Young Carers across the city.
  • Improve opportunities and early help though Targeted Youth Support 1:1 casework.

Targeted youth support

The Youth Service takes referrals from a range of partners including Think Family, Youth Offending service and Police Decision Panels to support young people between the ages of 13-19 years offering 1:1 support. Find out more about targeted youth support.

Open access youth sessions

In addition the service works across 6 clusters areas located over the city where we deliver open access evening youth sessions for all young people 13-19 years.

Vulnerable young people

The service supports vulnerable young people including young cares groups which are co delivered with Barnardos volunteers and SEND (special educational needs & disabilities) supported by the disabled children’s team for young people up to 25 years.

Street-based youth work

The street based team is a citywide resource and a mobile response to engage young people where there are issues of concern including anti-social behaviour and those on the fringe of criminal activity where there may be higher levels of motor bike theft or riding motor bikes without helmets.

Active involvement

The youth involvement team are based in the town hall. The team ensure that the voice of young people is heard in regard to services that affect them including support for scrutiny, UK Parliament and democratically representing other young people at a neighbourhood level.