Voice of young people

Voice of young people is how we make sure that young people are involved in making decisions which affect their lives.

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You can help evaluate our services, work with your youth worker to shape plans that help you achieve your personal goals and aspirations, and meet elected members and  council officers to be consulted on service provision.

Participation is a right

Children and young people have a right to be informed, listened to and actively involved in decisions that affect them. It is a duty on all services to ensure this happens consistently and meaningfully.

Youth Involvement Team

Our Youth Involvement Team are a dedicated team of professionally qualified youth workers who support a number of participation projects. They work with young people to ensure their voices are heard.

The main projects the team works on are Leicester City Young people’s Council and Leicester Young Advisors, We are based within the Town Hall, Leicester City Centre so easily accessible for people to come and meet us.

Working as part of Leicester’s Federation of Participation Youth Groups we have produced a number of reports that are available at the bottom of the page.

How will you hear me?

In May 2016, our Youth Service Youth Involvement Team won an award for its work to ensure young people are listened to by professionals.

The British Youth Council awarded the service its Youth on Board Innovation Award, which celebrates new ideas and practices that make a real difference to the way in which organisations work with young people. 

Our service worked extremely closely with Leicester’s  Young Advisors and the Young People’s Council to create a series of short films called How Will You Hear Me? in the films young people share their personal stories and talk about their experiences of being listened to – or not – by different public bodies.

We took a hard-hitting and realistic approach, looking at the lives of young people who have not been listened to, consulted or recognised by people providing services for them in the past. By sharing these stories, we hope more young people’s voices will be heard in the future.

We believe to truly embed a culture of participation across all services working with children and young people it starts with individual practitioners, who, when asked can clearly articulate and evidence the role of participation in their practice and this will collectively enhance participation of children across the organisation as a whole.

This training is available to all departments and partners organisations for more info contact Bez Killeen.

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