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Apply for a maintenance parking permit

Maintenance parking permits are issued to properties located in residents parking zones. Landlords, estate agents managing properties, owners or occupiers of business properties, religious or charitable organisations can apply for maintenance permits.

A maintenance parking permit allows you to park a vehicle in any of the designated residents parking bays within the residents parking zone indicated on the face of the permit.

The purchase of permits does not guarantee a parking space will be available at all times.
The parking permit must be displayed clearly on the inside of the windscreen and facing

Permits are scratchcards and are valid for 48 hours after activation.

For Zone K, maintenance vouchers are available. One voucher is valid for one day.

Up to 30 maintenance parking permits per property can be issued per year. Permits are sold in batches:

  • 10 permits: £20
  • 20 permits: £40
  • 30 permits: £60

Zone K

  • £25 (one booklet of 25 vouchers. Only one booklet is permitted per household per year)

When submitting a permit application for the first time you will need to upload proofs.


If you are a landlord, please provide proof of property ownership via the following:

  • Mortgage statement (within last 12 months)
  • Title deed

The details must show your name and address in the residents parking zone that you are applying for.

Estate agents

If you are an estate agent, please provide proof of managing the property, e.g. a contract
with a landlord.

Business or religious/charitable organisation

If you are a business or religious/charitable organisation, please provide proof of
business address, showing the business/charity name and address in the residents parking

  • Bank statement (less than 3 months old)
  • Business rates (current financial year)
  • Telephone bill (Less than 3 months old)
  • Utility bill (less than 3 months old)
  • Building insurance (current)
  • Schedule of buildings