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Frequently asked questions about student parking permit

Find answers to queries you may have about student parking permits.

You can apply for five visitor scratchcard permits for new residents by providing one proof of residency (e.g. a tenancy agreement) instead of two.

Five scratchcards will allow you to park in a residents parking zone for up to 10 days. These permits can be posted to any address, therefore, you can apply for them before moving to Leicester.

Once you have further proofs, you can apply for other permits.

Only visitor scratchcard permits for new residents can be posted to an address outside of a residents’ parking zone (see above question). All other permits can only be posted to your residential address in Leicester.

Students can provide a tenancy agreement and a letter from a university/college if no other documents are available. The letter can be obtained from a Student Administration Support Office, it must be recent and show your name and address in Leicester.

In order for us to issue a resident permit we must see proofs showing that your vehicle is kept at your address in the residents’ parking zone, this can be your log book or insurance.

Your insurance documents may not be accepted because:

  • Your address on the insurance documents differs from the address in the residents’ parking zone. We must see proofs that show that your vehicle is kept/registered at your address in the residents’ parking zone. This can be your insurance documents or log book (V5C);
  • If you are a student and the vehicle is registered to your parents address, you must inform your insurance company that the vehicle is now kept at your address in the residents’ parking zone in Leicester. Your insurance company will then reissue your insurance documents showing your new address. Please provide these updated documents. Alternatively, your insurance company may write you a letter, confirming that you have informed them of your term time address. You can provide this letter. If your insurance provider sends this confirmation by an email, please ask them to send it directly to our e-mail address
  • You only provided the insurance certificate page, which does not show your address. Please provide a page which shows your address in the residents’ parking zone together with your insurance certificate;
  • Your insurance documents do not show all required details: your name, address in the residents’ parking zone, the vehicle registration number and start and expiry dates of your insurance;
  • You provided a temporary cover note.

Your tenancy agreement may not be accepted because:

  • You only provided the first page of the agreement;
  • Your agreement is not signed by both tenant and landlord/ letting agent;
  • Your agreement is out of date;
  • Your agreement does not show all required information, e.g. your name,
    address or duration of your tenancy.
Please email your entire signed tenancy agreement.

In most cases we will review new applications within 48 hours, however applications are not processed on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays and will be processed the following working days.

When you apply for the first time, you will need to provide proofs of residency and proof of vehicle ownership (if applicable). Therefore, it is very important for you to submit the correct proofs straight away, otherwise your application will be delayed. We will not approve your application until all correct proofs are received. Therefore, the waiting time for your application depends on you and how quickly you send the correct proofs. Once we are satisfied with the proofs, we will e-mail you asking to make a payment. Once payment is received, we will post your permit the same or next working day by first class post.

No. You can only park in residents’ parking bays or spaces once your permit is displayed in your vehicle. If you park without displaying a valid permit, you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with such requests. You or your visitors can park outside of the residents’ parking zones or in pay & display bays or spaces (where available). Therefore, we advise customers to apply for permits in advance.