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School Street permit scheme FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions which may answer any queries you may have.

How do I apply for a permit?

If you are a resident of an eligible address within the School Street restricted zone you can apply for permits. Permits will have to be displayed in the vehicle windscreen whenever driving in the school street during the restricted hours.

When are the restrictions in force?

Monday to Friday, 8 - 9am and 2.30 - 4pm.

Can residents have visitors or tradespeople arriving in a vehicle during the restricted times?

Visitors or tradespeople should avoid arriving or departing during restricted hours. Access will be unaffected outside of the restricted hours.

Are there visitor permits?

A household is eligible to apply for one annual visitor permit. An annual visitor permit is not vehicle specific and can be used by any visitor.

The permit is issued free of charge. An annual visitor permit is not vehicle specific.

Who enforces this restriction?

The Police are the enforcing body.

What is the penalty for driving through this area when the restrictions are in force?

A £100 fixed penalty fine can be issued by the Police to anyone caught driving through the restriction, without a permit, when it is in force.

Where can I park?

Parents and carers not able to walk, cycle or scoot their whole journey to school are asked to park outside of the restricted area and complete the last part on foot. The following Park & Stride locations are available for use:

  • Leicester Bowling Club, Kenwood Road, LE2 3PL
  • Knighton Park car park, Palmerston Way, LE2 3RE

We ask that all parents and carers park considerately and consider the access needs of local residents when parking.

Residents will be able to continue to access their street when the restriction is in force. Any existing parking restrictions in place on the roads will continue to operate and anyone parking in contravention of these will be liable for the relevant penalty notice.

All the schools have been issued with a number of permits which they will be able to allocate to staff with a specific need to drive through the area during the period of the restriction.

What about the weekends and during the Summer?

The scheme will only operate during the week, Monday to Friday.

Due to the dates of school and bank holidays not being fixed and changing year to year, it has not been possible to write into the restriction that it will operate as term time only. Therefore the restriction will be in force throughout the year. No enforcement activity will take place when the schools are closed.

I live on the edge of the restriction. Is parking going to be displaced onto my road?

Through the scheme we will be promoting alternative forms of travel and encouraging parents and children to walk to school from home. As such we do not anticipate significant levels of increased parking displacement, although it is acknowledged that there will be some as it is not possible for all parents and carers to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Where this is not possible, we have been working with local organisations to identify alternative parking locations for parents and carers to use. See our “Where can I park?” section above for further information.

What happens if you move house?

If you are moving house, you will need to return your permit back to us. You can find instructions on how to do this by selecting the 'Cancel Permit' button at These instructions will also be provided when you receive your permit.

This means people who will be moving into your old property will need to apply for new permits.

Are permits required to enter the road? If so, do they need to be displayed in the vehicle whilst parked on the roadside/driveway? 

The permits will be required to be on show/display when passing through the closure point. Once parked, vehicles are not required to display permits.