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Permit scheme for road works

All promoters wanting to carry out works on the public highway in Leicester are now legally required to obtain a permit prior to commencing work.

Permits give the local authority more control over works and help us to minimise the disruption caused to road users. 

Anyone who wants to work on our highway will require a permit. This includes Leicester City Council internal works, developer works and utility works. The permit scheme does not include activities such as private works (Under Section 50 NRSWA), scaffolding, hoarding or skips, which will continue under the existing arrangements. We have the power to grant or refuse a permit, or to require the addition of any necessary conditions. 

The permit scheme will apply to works on all publicly maintainable streets within Leicester.

Permit fees

Fees are usually charged for the following:

  • Issuing of a permit
  • On each occasion requiring a variation to the permit or to the conditions attached to the permit.
  • A Provisional Advanced Authorisation, where the permit application requires one.

Our current fees are available in the scheme document above.

Emergency works

We should be informed of any emergency works taking place on the traffic sensitive network as soon as possible. This can be done on 0116 454 3710 or on 0116 299 5665 (out of hours) and allows us to broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester about any disruptive works.

Annual permit scheme evaluation report and permit scheme for roadworks

Please note we are working on accessible versions of the permit scheme and annual evaluation report which can be found below.