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Walk to secondary schools

Free Your Feet is a week-long initiative to encourage students to think about how they travel and increase their awareness of the benefits of walking.

Further information

Free Your Feet Week

The challenge can be run for individual year groups or the whole school, and works as a stand-alone event or combined with other healthy and environmental events.

Throughout Free Your Feet Week, students are challenged to record how much walking they do - even if that's combined with car and bus journeys. Walks to and from schools count along with walks made in personal time.

Students will be provided with a postcard on which they can record their travel data. Students return their completed postcards into a prize draw for a £50 high street shopping voucher.

Schools will receive posters, a railing banner, an assembly presentation and a parent letter to help promote the challenge.

Why take part?

  • Increases students' awareness of the benefits walking can bring to their health and well-being
  • Students arrive at school alert and ready for lessons
  • Reduction in traffic outside the school gates, increasing student safety
  • Opportunity to increase students' independence and knowledge of the local area
  • Reduction in waiting times for parents/carers caught up in school run traffic
  • Reduces the environmental impact of the school run by shortening/removing the need for car journeys
  • Opportunity to socialise with friends on the walk to and from school.

How to sign up

Free Your Feet resources are available to a limited number of Leicester City schools.

Please contact Katie, your local Living Streets Coordinator, on 07808 640 305 or send her an email - to sign up or to discuss how the scheme can work best in your school.


Student-led campaign

Living Streets will help facilitate a student-led campaign which will promote walking to their peers. Workshops to plan and create the campaign can be any length from a single day to a weekly session for up to three months. A typical campaign might be developed over six 1 hour sessions over a half term. A budget of £180 will be available for any campaign related costs.

It’s entirely up to the students’ creativity what type of campaign they create, but could include:

  • Setting up Walking Stations / Park and Stride points / Walking Zones where students are encouraged to walk at least the last 10-15 minutes of their journey
  • Creating a walking map of the routes to school
  • A walking challenge for a particular year group or the whole school
  • Walking information for students or parents
  • Promoting walking to pupils in feeder schools
  • Creating a presentation or workshop for Year 6 transition days.

This initiative enables students to gain expertise in team-working, project management and campaigning. This can be an ideal activity for the school council, Eco Council or student leaders.

How to sign up

Please contact Katie, your local Living Streets Coordinator, on 07808 640 305 or send her an email - to sign up or to discuss how the campaign can work best in your school.