Universal Support

Whether you need access to a telephone, computer, internet access or financial advice - we can help you to manage your Universal Credit claim through Universal Support.

Further information

What digital support is available?

Need access to a computer or the internet/require support using a computer to apply for Universal Credit?

All UC claimants can get free internet and PC access at any of our following locations:

Do you lack confidence using a computer?

If you need basic computer skills such as creating an email account, free sessions are available at the following libraries: Beaumont Leys, Belgrave, Central, New Parks and Westcotes. To help you prepare for Universal Credit you can book onto a session, you will need to fill in the assisted digital support form, on the form ensure you select 'I require help in...'Improving my IT skills', and we will get in contact with you. Alternatively, ask for information at your local library.

I need help completing my claim

No new claims are being taken until full service roll out takes place on Wednesday 13 June 2018, in Leicester. After this date, we can book an appointment to give you the support you need to make an online application. You will need to fill in the assisted digital support form, on the form ensure you select 'I require help in...Completing a Universal Credit application form'.


What financial support is available?

Personal budgeting support

Personal Budgeting Support is available to help claimants to manage their monthly payments and prioritise essential bills, such as rent and utilities. They will look at your individual circumstances to make sure you are getting the right benefits and help you check you are getting the best rates for your utilities’. You will need to fill out the following form, where we will arrange for Citizens Advice LeicesterShire to contact you for one-to-one money advice. Submit an online form to arrange an appointment for personal budgeting support

Discretionary housing payments

If your UC housing costs do not cover the whole of your rent (i.e. you have a shortfall between the rent you pay your landlord and the amount you get in UC housing costs), you can apply for a discretionary housing payment (DHP).

Apply for crisis support

We’re here to help you through these difficult times and to stop you getting into debt or putting you at risk of homelessness. If you are struggling to pay all your bills while you are waiting for your benefits to be assessed, and you have already applied for and received a UC advance payment, we may be able to help. Find out more about the community support grant scheme.

Council tax support

Sometimes known as council tax reduction is still claimed by applying to us directly.

Apply for council tax discretionary relief (CTDR)

We can also help you if, once you have claimed council tax support, you still have a shortfall between your council tax liability and your council tax support. Apply for council tax discretionary relief (CTDR)

Do you need money advice?

If you are getting into debt or worried how you will manage to pay your bills while you are waiting for your UC claim to be assessed - we can help. We can offer support so that you can focus on getting a job, getting more work or getting better work. For more information, contact Citizens Advice LeicesterShire on 0300 330 1025.