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Advice for landlords

As a landlord you have certain roles and responsibilities to fulfil, so tenants can claim local housing allowance to help pay their rent.

You must:

  • Keep proper records of when rent is due, how much is due and when payments are received.
  • Provide tenants with confirmation of rent. This could be through the current tenancy agreement, a letter from you, or your rent book. These must contain your full name and address, the date the agreement was started, the amount payable, and what the charge includes.
  • Repay any overpayments that are paid to you after a tenant has left the property.
  • Inform the housing benefit office in writing if you become aware that a tenant’s circumstances have changed.

Local housing allowance is usually paid to the tenant. However, in some circumstances it can be paid directly to you or your agent.

If you have a tenant in rent arrears

If a tenant receives housing benefit and is in rent arrears, you can contact us using the details at the bottom of this page. We will discuss whether payments could be made to you directly, and might refer you to housing options for more information.

Before taking any action to reclaim any rent arrears, you should take legal advice, to make sure that any action you take is lawful. You can also call us on 0116 454 1008, as we can provide advice and mediate between you and your tenant.