I have medical needs

You may already be in a property but a medical condition may require you to obtain item(s) related to your condition.

Further information

The items you require must have a direct connection to your medical needs. For example, we can consider a fridge for someone who is on medication that needs to be kept at cold temperatures.

What we can help with

We can help with:

  • Essential furniture (like a bed and mattress, sofa, dining table)
  • White goods for your kitchen (like a cooker and a fridge)
  • Household goods (like crockery, cutlery, bedding).

If your medical condition requires you to have specialist or adapted items, we are unable to help with these (other than orthopaedic mattresses). Please be advised that we would require medical evidence to support your request. Adult Social Care may help with support to live at home.

Please note that items are awarded from our Re-use Furniture Bank Scheme so the items are second hand but are suitable for use and, where necessary, have been tested. For reasons of hygiene, we always provide new mattresses.

What do I need to do before making an application?

Community Support Grants are available to people without sufficient resources to provide these items themselves. Therefore you should exhaust other provisions before seeking our support.

Other provisions you can check before considering a Community Support Grant:

  • Your family or friends may be able to provide some items.
  • If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be able to obtain a Budgeting Loan.
  • Check if charitable organisations are able to assist.

You will also need to obtain written evidence from your health practitioner confirming your medical issues, their impact on your daily life and that they are long-term.

Tips for submitting an application

  • The application form will take around 30 minutes to complete.
  • Ensure you have details to hand like your National Insurance number, full addresses (including postcode).
  • Check details of your income as you will be asked to detail each sort of income you receive, the amount and the next payment date. Equally, you will be asked about your expenses. You may find a Budgeting Statement would be helpful.

Each case will be treated on its own merits, and all customers will receive equal and fair treatment.

Start your application

As part of the application process you will need to answer a number of questions related to your circumstances. If you are eligible you will be directed to the main application form.

Please note

If you start an application, we recommend completing and submitting it rather than saving. The online application has a facility to save your application before submitting. If you save an application, please keep a note of the reference number and password. To continue with your application, you will need to click the below 'Start your application' link below and complete the pre-application questions again and then you will have an option to 'Load saved application'.

When you are taken to the application, you will be presented with a list of available options for the form, please ensure you select 'I have medical needs'.