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Manage your council tax, benefits or business rates account

Council tax, business rate, housing benefit and council tax support accounts can be managed by registering to our online service. It allows you to view up-to-date accounts, check when payments are due, set up direct debits, report changes and other transactions.

Further information

Accounts you can manage

A secure service allowing you to view and manage your:

  • Council tax account
  • Business rates account
  • Housing benefit claim
  • Council tax support claim.

Why register for an account?

  • View your council tax billing account and/or Benefit claim records at any time and in real-time. 
  • See when your next housing benefit payment is due. See when your council tax instalment is due. See how much housing benefit or council tax support you’ve been awarded, and how it has been worked out. See details of any Housing Benefit overpayment, how you are paying it back, and the amount outstanding. 
  • Sign up to receive your bills and/or benefit award notifications online, with an email to advise you when a new document is available. 
  • Report a change in your circumstances affecting your account and/or claim. 
  • Apply for a council tax discount, disregard or exemption. 
  • Apply for additional support such as discretionary housing payments, council tax discretionary relief, and community support grant. 
  • Landlords receiving their tenant’s housing benefit payment directly can see the amount awarded, payments made, and next payment due. 
  • Manage all these actions without needing to visit or call us.

You can find frequently asked questions about the online service below.