My revenues and benefits

Information on how to access your housing benefits, council tax account online and report a change in circumstances.

Further information

When you register online for my revenues and benefits, you can view details of your council tax account, your business rates account, and any housing benefits or council tax support you receive. 

Once you have completed our online registration form, we will send you a user ID by email and password by post.

Access your information

If you receive housing or council tax benefit from us, you can use our online system to view details of your benefits, check when a payment is due, check what you have been paid, and tell us of any changes in your circumstances.

If you pay council tax or business rates to us, you can:

  • use our online system to check when your instalments are due
  • check what discounts or exemptions are being applied to your account
  • change your payment method
  • tell us of any changes and apply for a discount or exemption online.


If you are a landlord, you can use the system to check any account where the housing benefit is paid directly to you. Once you have registered, and received your user name and password, you will be able to check when a payment is due and see what payments have been made.

Change in circumstances

You can still report a change in circumstances to your housing benefit or council tax support claim without registering, find out more in our section below: