Forms and guidelines

Download guidelines and forms that will help you arrange a burial or cremation, buy or transfer a grave, or purchase a memorial.

Further information

Fees and charges

Fees and charges price list - our current fees and charges for burials, graves, cremations and memorials

Burial and cremation records search

Application for records search - application form to request a search of burial, grave or cremation records.

Burial and grave forms

General guidelines for graves and memorials - advice on graves and grave memorials

Notice of burial - use this form to apply and give details for a burial

Purchase of exclusive rights of burial - use this form to purchase a grave in reserve.

Grave ownership and deed transfer leaflet - a guide to owning a grave and how and when to transfer ownership to another person.

Assignment of rights of burial - use this form if you are the registered grave owner and wish to transfer ownership of the grave to another person.

Cremation forms

Notice of cremation - use this form to give details of the cremation service and disposal of ashes

Application for the cremation of the body of a person who has died (statutory application form required for all cremations of bodies).

Medical certificate (statutory medical certificate to be completed by a registered doctor).

Confirmatory medical certificate (statutory confirmatory medical certificate to be completed by a second unrelated doctor).

Scattering ashes on parks, open spaces and the River Soar

Scattering of ashes request formPlease note this form is only for scattering ashes on our parks, open spaces and the River Soar and not our cemeteries. You must pay a fee for this service.


Memorial options and order forms - brochure with details of memorial options at our cemeteries and crematorium. Also contains order forms, fees and terms and conditions for leased memorials.

Memorial permit application form - use this form to apply to install or modify a memorial on a grave.