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Appeals to the valuation tribunal

Find out how you can make appeals to the valuation tribunal.

You can make appeals to the valuation tribunal if:
You are the owner of a newly built unoccupied property and disagree with the completion date shown on the completion notice we have sent you. This will be the date the property will be banded from and included in the valuation list. If you disagree with the date, you need to appeal within 28 days of receiving the completion notice.
You can also make an appeal to the valuation tribunal if:

  • You disagree with a decision we have made about an appeal you made to us
  • We have not made a decision on your appeal to us within two months
  • You disagree with the decision of your appeal to the valuation office.

Appeals need to be made via the valuation tribunal website linked above.

The valuation tribunal, which is independent of both the valuation officer and Leicester City Council, will contact you to arrange a hearing and send you a leaflet to explain how the process works. The hearings are free however if a solicitor presents your case, you will need to pay their charges whether you are successful or not.
You still have to pay council tax until your appeal is decided. If your appeal is successful any overpayments will be refunded.

If you disagree with the valuation tribunal's decision, you have four weeks from the decision date to ask them to look at it again, or take the appeal to the High Court on a question of law.