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Care-related discounts

Some people are not counted as adult residents if they fall into certain categories.

The following people are disregarded when we count the number of adults in the property:

Hospital patients

You need to be permanently resident in hospital with no plans to move back to your previous home.

Residential care home, nursing home and hospice residents

You need to be permanently resident with no plans to move back to your previous home.

Care workers

You need to be employed by, or be introduced to a disabled person that employs you, by a local council, the government or a charitable organisation. You need to live in premises provided by your employer, and care for the disabled person for at least 24 hours per week for no more than £36 per week.


You need to provide care or support for at least 35 hours each week to someone who lives with you that has a disability, who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18. The person cared for needs to be entitled to at least one of certain allowances or disablement pensions.

How do I claim?

  • Complete the carers discount form in the quick link at the top of this page.