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Locally commissioned specialist services

There is a broad range of support and information available locally for anyone affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence. Learn more about the services we fund.

What kind of help is available?

Having someone to listen, who understands, is often the most important help someone can get.

  • Emotional and practical help is available, and there are a range of agencies in Leicester wanting to make a positive difference and increase safety.
  • Being in a group with others and working through the impact of abuse can be very positive and powerful.
  • Having someone advocate for you and liaise with other agencies can help.

Locally commissioned services can offer all these elements, and have staff trained and supported to do so, throughout the recovery process.

Local helpline: 0808 80 200 28

You can access all the local support services through the free helpline, which does not show up on bills. Members of the public and practitioners can use this number to find out about all the help available.

Safe accommodation

We fund refuge accommodation services in Leicester for women over 16 with or without children. If it is not safe for you to remain in your accommodation our funded service can support you to find somewhere safe in refuge or emergency accommodation.

Refuge accommodation has staff on site, is open 24 hours and gives free access to wifi. There is refuge accommodation to meet the specific needs of black and minority ethnic women, including accommodation for larger families. Advocacy support is provided, plus emotional and practical support, including with your move-on into independent housing.

For men, the local helpline 0808 80 200 28 can help you find safe accommodation, and support you while you do so.

Individual and group support

We fund individual and single-sex group support, in person and online, advice clinics, and support at court if needed.

We fund specialist support to help you to stay in and manage your safe accommodation. We also fund specialist help if you have substance misuse needs in addition to domestic abuse needs.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. There is specialist help for young people, children, and families. Young people aged 13 or over can contact the helpline on their own behalf. For families there are:

  • support groups and individual work
  • parallel groups that can run for the adult and children.
  • tailored options for different ages of children
  • groups running in languages other than English, and support workers fluent in a range of community languages.

Find out more on the Services for children and young people page.

Yes. There is help for men and women who have been subjected to sexual violence or domestic abuse, whoever that is from. Sometimes people do not think that domestic abuse can be a risk for men. Our services have the expertise to help you.

Yes, help is available in your own language. Call the helpline for support: 0808 80 200 28

If you are concerned about your own behaviour and you want to change, you can contact the local services for help, or find out more on the Jenkins Centre website. This service is available for men, women and young people.

When you call the helpline there will be some form of support that can be offered straight away, where needed. The helpline responder will make an arrangement with you to stay in touch regularly.

Sometimes there might be a wait for a group at a particular time or place, or to start individual face-to-face support.

Our aim is that no-one should wait more than six weeks to be able to access support, and if the risks and your needs are high it should be within 48 hours.