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Void letting standard

We believe each of our void properties prepared for letting should be safe, clean and in a good state of repair in order that tenants can begin to enjoy their new home straight away. In line with our letting standard, we will ensure each property meets our five point promise.

Before you move in

Before you move in we will make sure your property:

  • Is wind and water-tight.
  • Is safe and secure.
  • Has a kitchen and bathroom that meets decent homes standards.
  • Has a valid energy performance certificate (EPC).
  • Has a valid electrical and gas test certificate.

On the day you move in

We will carry out works at tenancy commencement which will involve:
  • Carrying out a gas safety check, including giving advice on turning on and off the gas, electricity and water supplies.
  • Commissioning the central heating, where installed.
  • Ensuring you have all of the new keys to the property and they are working correctly.

After you move in

Sometimes we will carry out the non-essential repairs within 6 weeks of you moving into your new home, an example would be re-glazing a window that had been made safe and glass is on order.

  • An appointment for these works will be made with you.
  • A Neighbourhood Housing Officer from the Housing Office will carry out a first visit within six weeks of you moving into your new home.

Things to remember

  • Properties are advertised whilst still tenanted. There is a four week period before a property becomes empty.
  • Once empty, the property is surveyed for essential and non-essential works.
  • Essential repairs are carried out during the period the property is vacant.
  • You will be asked to attend an escorted viewing of the property and if you accept you will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement.
  • After you have moved into your new home appointments will be made with you for any non-essential repair works that may be required.
  • Reporting repairs should be done via the Customer Service Centre on telephone number 0116 454 1007.

What work will we do?


We will ensure that all the electrical fixtures and fittings are safe and comply with the latest
regulations. This will include:

  • taking an electric meter reading as soon as the property becomes void and informing the Council’s current provider, Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) and arranging for any outstanding debt to be cleared
  • carrying out an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR), including appliances such as showers, fans, bathroom pumps, and council provided cookers
  • completion of all electrical repairs identified by the EICR


We will ensure that the gas supply and any installed gas appliances are safe and comply with the latest regulations. This will include:

  • taking a gas meter reading as soon as the property becomes void and informing the Council’s current provider, Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) and arranging for any outstanding debt to be cleared
  • ensuring the gas meter emergency control valve (ECV) can be easily turned on/off
  • testing any Leicester City Council appliances to check they are working safely
  • removing and replacing any failed gas fire with an electric fire
  • fitting a working cooker point in the kitchen, this may be electric or gas dependent on property type and location
  • fitting a washing machine cold water supply and waste on all properties that do not have communal facilities where possible
  • install heating where this is not currently provided

Fixtures and fittings

We will ensure that any works carried out during the period the property is vacant meet all building regulations requirements and that all fixtures and fittings are installed to manufacturer’s instructions, are safe, clean and fit for purpose. This will include:

  • the renewal of all door locks, including outbuildings
  • ensuring that any fittings such as doors and windows, gates and sheds are able to be opened, closed and locked/unlocked easily
  • ensuring there is a visible door number at the front of the property
  • repairing or replacing any loose/missing or damaged floor boards including stairs, ensuring all are fixed securely
  • topping-up of any loft insulation that is less than 100mm (4”) in thickness
  • cleaning and descaling all sanitary fittings
  • allowing space for up to 3 white goods appliances where possible
  • providing adequate worktop space to allow for food preparation


Walls and ceilings

We will ensure that all walls and ceilings in the property will be left in a clean condition that is able to accept decoration. In addition we will also provide an allowance for decoration, per room if this is required.


We will ensure that all floors in the property are safe, clean and able to accept floor covering. Dependent on the work carried out whilst the property is empty, floors may be replaced.

External works

We will ensure that gardens are trimmed and cleared of rubbish and debris, this may take place after you move in to prevent fly-tipping. Garden works will include;

  • renewing or relaying of broken, loose or dangerous slabs along the path to the front door and from the back door to the washing line, where fitted. Any other paving agreed to be carried out will be completed on occupation
  • filling in of all ponds

Get in touch

You can request the full version of our void letting standard by sending us an email at