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Package of care

A care package is a combination of services put together to meet a person's assessed needs as part of the care plan after an assessment or review.

It defines exactly what that person needs in the way of care, services or equipment to live their life in a dignified and comfortable manner.

Some of the services included in a package of care could be:

  • Help with things such as cleaning and shopping
  • Disability equipment and adaptations to the home
  • Daily assistance with personal care and cooking
  • Day centres to give the person or the person who cares for them a rest from care
  • Day care for the person to give them social interaction
  • Admittance to a care or nursing home.

If you do not receive a package of care, but still need help with repairs for which you are responsible, you can contact our handyperson service or Age UK’s handyman (both linked above) and gardening service for advice and help.

Please note, you may be charged for any repairs they carry out.